Ha, well I could not write very much about 2020 and 2021 is

starting out the same way. This pandemic is really playing

with everyone’s state of mind and there is so much

hate and bashing and malaise going around. People have become

complacent about Covid and they are not following rules anymore

even though the numbers keep climbing.

I find myself becoming more of a germaphobe and I actually

turn away from people and get so frustrated that they don’t

keep their distance. This is scary!

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Well 2020 has not turned out to be a better year! in fact it’s a total nightmare! Covid has curtailed everything including my Drink N Doodle classes, outings, restaurants, parties…… you name it and it’s been curtailed. We are surviving but it sure has been a struggle and more of a mental struggle because of the isolation and yes, the fear and just the stress of knowing that there is a pandemic and people are dying. Well, I for one will continue to paint and do art in order to keep my sanity. What will you do?!

Wow just 4 days away until a brand new year begins. I for one found 2018 and 2019 to be very challenging years for our family so I am hoping and wishing that the new year, new decade bring all new things and beginnings. Onward and upward!!!!!


We are already 6 months into the year! Wow, time sure is flying by (even though this winter felt like it would never end!). I am exactly half way through the mural now and it’s going very well. I have some artist helpers which makes it more fun!

June 19th I am curating a show at our local gallery, Arbor Gallery Cultural Center, titled “Connected”. My vision is to showcase all of nature that we need to protect and honour because nature can live quite well without us but we cannot survive without them. For this show I have painted a seal pup, chimp, pig, panther and the garden friends (bees, butterflies, ladybugs….) We will be 25 artists showcasing about 50 pieces of artwork so please come and check it out!

A New Year has begun….. the old one is done…… let’s ring in the new….. and start with a few….. good wishes for everyone!

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Well another year has come and is almost gone….is the time going faster or is it just me?? I have painted many canvases and sold a few and it has been a good year. I now look forward to a brand new year because it is going to be a busy one re-painting the town mural while getting ready for new shows. So let me take this opportunity to wish you all the absolute very best of everything and may 2019 bring much needed Peace, Joy and good Health!!! Take care one and all……. Cheers!

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The Keto Diet

This diet or “Way of Eating” has been in the limelight lately and has attracted a lot of attention both good and bad.

My son chose this diet a few years back and trust me on this, when he does something he THOROUGHLY investigates it.  He lost 75 pounds and felt more energetic and wonderful!  I had my concerns because of the high fat content because, yes, I had been brainwashed into believing in the low fat, low salt, low everything lifestyle.

Many years passed and I was getting discouraged because my weight, no matter what I ate or did seemed to stagnate and I was getting more and more discouraged with my expanding waist line.  I read up on the Keto diet and decided back in May of 2018 to give it a go.  I had heard that the Carb Manager App was the best way of tracking all my macros so I downloaded it on my phone.  (Are you totally confused now with the terminology??!!)  The Keto diet is – High Fat, Moderate Protein and Low Carb.  One has to calculate what their needs are and the App does this for you.  You input your age, weight, exercise profile and it tells you what percentage of the foods you should eat or in other words…. your macros!  It’s based on 70% Fat, 20% Protein and 5% Carbohydrates.  Ok, so now what!

Well, the protein was easy…. the fat though….I really didn’t like the idea of eating so much fat but you know what!  It is really yummy!  BUT please choose the ‘healthy’ fats like:  avocado, avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, butter (yes butter!), ghee and nuts and seeds.

Don’t like avocado…. I got pretty tired of it pretty fast but now I slather it with Frank’s Red Hot sauce and it is very palatable!  Avocado oil does not taste like avocados so feel free to use it in everything.  Butter should be the one without colour or modified milk ingredients; look instead for those with just 2 ingredients!  Cream and Salt.  Period!  The very best butter is from Grass Fed cows so be on the lookout for that (Kerrygold)!  Ghee is just butter that has the milk solids removed and this can be used in cooking at high heats unlike straight butter.  Macadamia nuts are high in fat and Cashews have more carbs so check those labels people!

Next time I will blog about my struggles and successes!  Till then please do your own research!!!

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My “Words of Wisdom”!!! LOL

Hey Peeps!!!


Thank you so much for getting here and I hope your search for some wisdom has led you here for a reason!  now let’s see if I can help you with something…..


I have always had people randomly come up to me while I’m shopping and start asking my opinions about items they are looking at.  (my daughter has been freaked out by this and and embarrassed that I would talk to strangers!!!  hahaha  The funny thing is that she now does it too!!!)  After this started happening to me I started giving unsolicited opinions on clothing choices in dressing rooms… (whoops! settle down girl!)  I know…. I should at least wait until I’m asked but…… it just seems to be stronger than me sometimes….  Oh well, I guess this is “me” now and all I can do is to keep looking for that elusive ‘filter’ to put over my mouth!  <giggle>

I have a lot to say but do you have a question that needs answering???  Let’s talk!

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November 12th

Well in just 2 and 1/2 hours we will be painting at Freskos Restaurant in L’Orignal! Not a huge crew but a good gang that have painted with me before and they are very keen! I can’t wait to go set up and start "slapping" the paint on the canvas!!!!Cheers!

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Well, the year is coming quickly to a close and I find myself busier than ever. Not only am I painting several small canvases for our "Small Works" show at the Arbor Gallery but I am also painting my Christmas gourds as tree decorations! Then there is the town Mural project and I apparently raised my hand to be in charge of the "Quilt Mural" at Vankleek Hill’s main intersection!!! (I think I bit off more than I can chew but we shall see!!! ) As far as painting just for me, well I try to fit that in also. And housework you say??….. what housework!!!!! <giggle>

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Hello Everyone!

Busy busy with Drink N Doodle, Director business at the gallery, painting an antique fireplace for an upcoming show and trying to create more items for the gallery gift shop!

Well 2018 is in full swing and I have set up a new date for the Deja Vu Resto/Bar.  I will be there on January 24th and yes, it is still 1/2 price bottle of Winesday!!  Come out and join me and forgot all your cares for a few hours!

I want to wish all you out there in cyberspace a Very Merry Christmas!!!  and Happy Holidays!!  Happy Hanukkah!!  Happy Kwanzaa!  and even the scrooges!!!  LOL

Take care one and all – stay safe – and may 2018 bring much joy, love and good health to each and every one of you!


So much going on lately that I haven’t had time to update my site!  Sorry!!!  So I did an event at the Deja Vu….then one at the Windsor Tavern in Vankleek Hill and tonight I am back at the Deja Vu!  And this one is sold out!  We set up for 36 participants tonight!!!  I am getting excited!  So much prep but so much fun and so worthwhile for me.  Love it!!!!!!!!


I just started giving private lessons in my studio so if you are interested then call me or email me!!  I would love to teach you!


I am in another show going on at the Arbor Gallery, called “Gifted”.  This show highlights the work of several artists and all art is for sale in time for the holiday season!  Please think about shopping locally because you help people and families and not mega corporations!!


Update!!!!!  3 of my paintings sold at this show!!!!  Wheeeee!!!!!

Sorry,,, the poster will not load…. but there is a wonderful art show going on at the Arbor Gallery in Vankleek Hill and is called, “Studies after the Old Masters”.  8 talented artist have painted some famous paintings and they are amazing so you must check them out!  Arbor Gallery is open Wed 11-2 and Thurs to Sun from 12-4.


I have been so busy that it is now almost the end of January 2017!  I had several events in November and December and even taught 10-12 year olds in a school!  That was interesting!  A private party and all my usual venues were on the calendar so it was a busy time for sure!  Now I’m off to Maggie’s in Alexandria tonight and let’s see how they do with my challenging painting du jour!  Will keep you posted!


Hello October!!!  Also a busy month!!  A new venue in Calumet in Quebec…a quaint little bar that was really hopping!!  Shots were flying!    lol   Then Deja Vu on the 17th …. and a private party for the girl’s soccer team on Friday the 21st!  busy busy!  Now I am painting one for the restaurant/bar in Alexandria  –  Maggie’s  –  this place is usually a sell out and very busy so mega fun!!!  I love it!  Then I can breathe a little until November….phew!!!  Hahahahaha…… At the same time I just put in 12!!!!! paintings in Vankleek Hill for their Annual Gifted Show!  Wow!!!  This is incredible!  I must paint more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   must paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL



Well September is proving to be a busy month!  In 10 days I will be back at The Windsor Tavern in VKH  –  the 12th  –  and then on Wednesday the 14th I will be the Deja Vu in Hawkesbury.  On Monday the 26th I will be at Maggie’s Chicken and Ribs in Alexandria.  I better start painting my little butt off!!!!   lol


Now I am off to Maggie’s Restaurant in Alexandria….should be very interesting as they sold all 35 tickets and have a few more coming!  Wow!    Biggest group ever!!!!  I better get my roller skates on!!!


Everyone did a super amazing job on their Sunflower…..loved em all!!!


All ready at Deja Vu!  Are you ready to paint and party!!!!!!


8 days until the next Drink N Doodle!!! Yahoo!!! Hump day at Deja Vu! What a way to break up the long long long week…… come on out …… let’s party and create a beautiful painting together!  August 17th…..7 pm……be there or be square!


Wow…. I really love my new job….but it is so much fun that it doesn’t feel like work at all!  (except when I have to wash everything afterwards!  lol)   Twenty One women showed up and all painted a strawberry with me (except 2 who painted tomatoes!!  )  and did they ever do fantastic jobs!  There is a lot of talent in this area for sure!  I can’t wait to do it again!


Well, I’m all set up at the Windsor in VKH and I’m getting excited!  We had to brave the deluge that hindered our unloading of the car but hey, we dried off!  Here’s hoping for another successful evening!


Another Drink N Doodle is on the horizon!  Yes, I will be back at the Windsor Tavern in Vankleek Hill on Monday July 25th  (where has this year gone!!!) and I will be painting…..I don’t know yet!  yikes!  I will come up with something….promise!!!  So are you joining me????


Wow!  I have so busy that I haven’t had a chance to update my site at all!  Bad me!  Since my last post I have done a Drink N Doodle at the Windsor Tavern in Vankleek Hill on May 2nd…..another one on May 16 at the Windsor……one on the 25th at the Deja Vu in Hawkesbury and the latest one June 13th back at the Windsor Tavern!  Busy, busy, busy!  I love it though and it is so much fun and the best part for me is seeing all the happy faces afterwards ‘ooohing’ and ‘ahhhing’ over what they managed to create!  Love Love Love!!!  (go to my DND page for pics!)

That aside I have also been painting for myself….. I completed another Bulldog….I painted our own “Stella”  (Doberman) and I just whipped off a fruit still life and a vase of flowers!  No rest for this lady!  Those I will post on my paintings page.  Ta ta for now!


Held a Drink N Doodle event at the Deja Vu in Hawkesbury on April 13th!  Great evening of laughter and painting!  Bars are really the route to go!  Now I’m planning one on May 2nd at the Windsor Tavern in Vankleek Hill and 14 people signed up the first day!  Wow!!!!  I better get painting!


Here’s the Deja Vu painting…..

Under the Sea!
Under the Sea!


Hey peeps!

I have lots of news to impart!  I am still painting pet portraits and can finally announce that I painted my friend’s cocker spaniel!  It was a surprise birthday present for her hubby and now he has it and just loves it so YAY!  I will post a picture in My Art.  Also my friend who lost her pitbull just lost her young American Bulldog to epilepsy so I am painting him.  My hubby got jealous so I also have our Doberman on the go!

My friend requested to buy the “Girl with a Pearl Earring” (aft Vermeer) out of the blue so big “Yahoo”!!!!

I have two Drink N Doodles coming up!  A private party on the 8th of April and I will be testing out a local pub to see if that venue works for us!  So much painting ,,,.. so little time!  lol

And….. drumroll……. I entered an International Art Contest and I received a Honourable Mention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  complete with a certificate!  Wow!  The winning painting was, “A Girl and Her Horse”!  I am so thrilled!!!

I would also like to ask a favour..,., does anyone ever read my posts or check out my work?  If so…. please leave me a comment… be it “wow”, “yay” or “so what” …. whatever!  Thanks.


Another Drink N Doodle is in the works!  The last one held on January 27 was at the Masonic Lodge in Vankleek Hill and it was a fabulous evening filled with laughs and fun!  Everyone did an amazing job with their paintings and I had my first really young lad aged 11!  He did fabulous!  I had such a good time and was so stoked that I could not fall asleep at all that night!  Oh well….the nights come every day so no worries!

Now the next one will be at the Arbor Gallery on Monday, February 22nd.  7 pm as usual but come early and this time I am offering you the option of BYOB and snack for $35.  Let me know!  Spaces are limited there so you must RSVP.  Hope you can make it!


I have been extremely busy of late!  I suddenly received requests to paint some beloved pets that had passed…so I did….2 of them so far!  and I have several other requests of which I am waiting to start.  They seem to paint themselves and I am sure that the animal is with me and guiding me….


We had an amazing Christmas Day and Night with our offspring and their partners and our sister and my 2 friends…. so much love and laughter and, well, yes….. eating and drinking!  I never wanted it to end!

Check out my Spirituality page as I just put up a wonderful video clip depicting the wonderful interactions of 2 different species.  So much love!


Well, Christmas is tomorrow…. I am as ready as I will ever be I think so now I want to take the time to wish everyone far and near the best of the holiday season – however you celebrate it!  May you have lots of love and laughter surrounded by loved ones and I really hope the New Year brings much good health, joy and abundance!

M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Time to think….time to reflect…..time to remember all our loved ones, friends, acquaintances and the new friends we just met or have yet to meet.  Christmas is a very special time of year and while most people are happy, joyous, expectant, grateful…….. there are those who dread this time of year.  It can become a time of great sadness, disappointment and even despair.  We can be surrounded by family and friends and still feel lonely and who knows why this happens.  Just know that I am here always willing to lend an ear or a shoulder and I am so very grateful to have all of you in my life.  I love you and I wish you all a very Happy Holiday for whatever it is that you celebrate and for me and mine it is Merry Christmas!  Merry Christmas to one and all.  XOX



I did another guided painting evening last night but I think the Full Moon was playing with me <giggle>  8 people canceled!  But a friend came through with another venue and we were in a perfect little classroom which was great for the 6 ladies.  We painted a famous Master’s painting….. “Starry Night” after Van Gogh….but….with a twist!  We put in some Christmas trees..  lol.

I would love for you to come and join me next time!  It will probably be in the New Year because Christmas month is so hectic…unless you would like to book a private party!  You supply the drink and snack and I come with the rest!  Put a new twist on your small office Christmas party….or one at your house!  Showers…birthdays….and you can pick the painting for these private events.  I will start posting some on my Drink N Doodle page for you to peruse!  Take care and Merry Christmas!


Another Drink N Doodle happened on Tuesday the 10th and it was very successful!  All participants panicked when I had them paint a fence but they all did an amazing job in my opinion!  I’ve had several requests for a repeat so I am planning another evening very soon!  I will keep you posted!

Night #2



Today is the day!  The annual Chute a Blondeau Christmas Craft Fair!  Best fair around!  I will be there with some paintings, some crochet, some goodies to bake and some special outdoor bird treats!  Come out and start your Christmas shopping early – you won’t be disappointed!

Oh, so much to do!  So much on my plate!  Not only am I trying to prepare a special menu for my hubby’s birthday this week but I am also getting ready for the annual Christmas Craft Fair in Chute a Blondeau!  and…. another Drink N Doodle!!!  Yes!  The fair is the 6th, 7th and 8th and my painting night is the 10th!  I haven’t even decided what to paint yet!  Yikes!  This one will be held at Enrico’s Catering on Hwy 17 in L’Orignal.  Same time – 7 pm but please come early in order to register, get your drink and claim your spot!

Let me know if you can join me!

Now back to cooking and painting and and and and……


Drink N Doodle was a huge success!  I had 14 willing participants who all loved creating their very own masterpiece!  Some had never painted before and were totally amazed at what they were able to accomplish!  The evening was made even more special with the attendance of my sister-in-law and her friend; they could not stop laughing and of course laughter is very infectious so it was a super fun evening.  They all expressed their willingness to attend another event so it’s a ‘go’!!!!  Loved loved loved doing it!



Well, just 3 days away until my grand new venture begins!  Yes!  Drink n Doodle!  A fun evening of painting and sipping and laughing.  Come on out and join us to create your very own masterpiece and no experience is necessary.  Contact me and I will put your name on my list.



A new adventure is in the making!  Yes!  I am hosting an evening of sipping wine and painting and the event is called…..drum roll…………..”Drink n Doodle”!!!!  I supply everything you need to create your very own masterpiece along with a glass of wine and a snack.  Come on out and join me this October 7th at 7pm at La Cite Golf Club.  No experience required!

a fun evening of drinking and painting
a fun evening of drinking and painting




So how is your summer going?  Enjoying the weather?  Swimming a lot?  We’re in our pool nearly every day for our walking/stretching/cooling off!

I don’t know about you but my garden is starting to produce big time and I find myself harvesting and freezing lots!  I had so much kale that I froze 3 bags of it and I made 5 batches of kale/walnut pesto!  Yummy!!!!  I love that on my zucchini pasta as it is just so raw and fresh and delicious!  I’m really going vegetarian lately and so I made a zucchini lasagna the other night with my tomato sauce that I had canned last year (no meat) and it was even delicious cold for breakfast!  lol  I’m looking forward to my tomatoes ripening so I can start canning and freezing them.  It’s so nice to know exactly what my food is and how it was grown (chemical free and organic) and I feel so much healthier.  I actually dread going to restaurants now….. sheesh……

Don’t worry, I’m still painting too!  I’ve painted 2 originals of my daffodils and a copy of “Carmine Meadow” by Leila and now I’m doing a study of Paulus Theodorus Van Brussel’s “Flowers in a Vase” painted in 1792.  See, I do not sit idle for very long!   :)

So, take care and enjoy the rest of the summer!!!


Well, the show was an amazing hit!  The concert was out of this world…they sang so beautifully and I don’t think I’ve ever heard better!  The Bell group was phenomenal and the 2 child proteges on piano were so talented!  What a treat it all was.  Then everyone proceeded downstairs for a refreshing Mint Julep, some snacks for the belly and our paintings as eye candy!  There were lots of favourable comments and praise coming our way and it was a warm and fuzzy feeling to be validated.  Thank you everyone.  Now, back to painting!


Hello again

Well another show coming up next weekend!  Sunday the 28th of June at the Knox Church in Vankleek Hill, Ontario.  There will be a concert at 3pm followed by refreshments and an art show downstairs!  The theme is “All Things Bright and Beautiful” so it should be an amazing afternoon.  Come out and experience the bright and beautiful!

Ok, so I seem to be getting a lot of ‘comments’ from people who are obviously reading someone else’s posts.  I am not hiring…. I do not sell drugs….. I have no affiliation with slot machines or online gaming….. I am not looking for a room mate……and I do not own a bank….. so please stop sending me comments pertaining to these things.  Thank you.



I’m back!

Yes, I have been busy as the first show is in a week and a half!  I have done 2 more paintings and am on a third…..  The show is the Chamber of Commerce’s annual Golf Tournament.  We were there last year and they asked us to come back so I take that as quite the compliment!  Thank you!  All I have to do now is find some frames to complete my works….  So much to do and so little time!  lol  and this all falls during planting season so my plate is really full now… ah…. but I do love it!  Hope to see you there!





Well hello again!

Sorry I haven’t been here in a while but I’ve been painting!

I have had a lot of comments but I am unsure as to whether they

are really for me or not and I am also not sure if it is spam or

not so, if you really are commenting about my blog could you just

mention which painting you like and that way I know you are

really talking to me!  Thank you in advance!!

Now, back to my painting…..  I finished the Girl with a Pearl

Earring and have since done 2 more!!!  I painted a still life from

life!  so it is totally an original.  Also, my daughter had bought me

some tulips for spring which eventually died but I found them

still to be aesthetically appealing from an artistic point of view sooo

I painted them yesterday!  Go me!  I am on a roll!  I have to really

knuckle down now and get busy because I have 3 shows coming up

in June!  Woah!  It’s gonna be a little crazy round here!  Hmmm,

I  don’t think much housework will be getting done in the future!


So, off to the easel I go!  love and hugs to you all!




I  have been busy painting lately….mostly portraits of my second born son and my hubby…..  I am waiting for my firstborn to tell me when I can paint him!  lol  (he has to have the right physique and wardrobe!)  anyway…I am now attempting to paint a Master’s that I have admired for many years after seeing a movie depiction of it.  Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with the Pearl Earring”.  This is a challenge to myself  (and my teacher!!  ) so I will keep you apprised!

On another note… why does life have to be so hard sometimes….. life can carry on so easily and happily and then BOOM!  it all disintegrates in a split second.  Happiness dissolves and pain reigns….why? why does it have to be this way?  I hate it…. I do…..I will attempt to sleep the pain away and begin another day….

God Bless you all in your journeys……




I have heard so many times that my work is not valid because I copy from a Master painting.  How else does one learn other than by copying?  Let me ask you this….. did you ever just sit down at the piano (or with any other instrument) and just start to compose your own original piece??  Did you?!  No!  You learned from Masters and then practiced your scales.  Or how about baking?  Did you just grab a bowl and a spoon and whip up an edible cake first time?  I bet that if you did that even the dog wouldn’t eat it!  You learned by COPYING from a cookbook written by a cook who had tried and tested every recipe many many times before putting them to paper.  So, we take a Master’s painting and by copying it we learn composition, colour complements and how to direct an audience’s attention to our chosen point as well as dramatizing colour so as to punch up the whole painting.  After and only after can we sit down and try our hand at our own creations.  But….we do so armed with the knowledge of light against dark, the right colours, the Golden Mean rule of thumb and subjective composition.  Besides, if I can copy an original masterpiece wouldn’t you just love to own a painting that would cost you thousands and thousands of dollars less?!!!!



So it’s another New Year and time for some new changes!

After having the same pictures hanging in our front foyer for, oh, let’s say over a decade!  it was time for a change.  We took down all the pics and put up my painting, “Koi” (it’s a whopping 30 inches by 40 inches so it makes a BIG impact in the small room!)  Now, every time I walk by I literally stop and stare at the painting because the whole atmosphere has totally changed in the room.  How about your room?  Have you had the same painting or picture hanging over your sofa for, oh, let’s say maybe over a decade??   Then maybe it’s time for a change!  Just the one change can totally redecorate the room without all the headache of painting and moving furniture!  giggle.  Now many people only choose art for it’s colour so that it will complement their room decor but one should find a piece that really speaks to their soul.  Then and  only then will they love the work forever.

Come and check out my works and let me know which one speaks to you!

Ciao for now!






Well Happy New Year to everyone!

I can’t believe it’s already 2015!  Do you remember when it was New Year’s Eve in 1999?

What a time that was with everyone being so worried that the whole computer world  would crash and then…. it was the year 2000 and absolutely NOTHING happened! Now we’re already 15 years past that date….I can recall it like it was yesterday… Sheesh, “they” say that time speeds up as you get older and now I can really relate. I don’t see the years anymore as they seem to just melt away and before I know it it’s a new month, a new year, another birthday…..  I really do stop and smell the roses and admire the sunsets but they occur way too fast now.

We had our grand show at the local Cultural Center and we had tons of wonderful  feedback for our work but alas,  no sales.  I showcased my florals and everyone said they thought they were fabulous but what is it that people really want to buy when they want to purchase art?  Is it landscapes?  Pets?  Portraits?  Seascapes?  The only one I haven’t attempted yet is a seascape so maybe I’ll paint that and see what happens.  I do so love the sea!  I can already feel my feet on the hot sand as I walk along the beach and listen to the gentle rhythm of the ocean and cries of the seagulls.  Oh how I want to go back there! …….  soon!!!

Well, again, Happy New Year and may 2015 be a glorious, healthy and joyous year for us all!



Christmas Craft and Artisan Fair went very well and the weather cooperated and was beautiful!  Thank you to everyone who came out to support and cheer us on.  I had a wonderful time speaking to everyone about my art and my ornaments and the gift tags sold very well.  Thank you!

Now it’s time to get ready for the big show at the Hawkesbury Centre Culturel Le Chenail Cultural Center.  I will be there with my teacher Linda Scott Harris and several other students to showcase our evolving works of art and the process in getting to the finished canvas.  You will see that is not paint by number!!!  lol

The opening night, our Vernisage is December 6th so come join us for some wine and cheese!

Off to paint now!




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