My “Words of Wisdom”!!! LOL

Hey Peeps!!!


Thank you so much for getting here and I hope your search for some wisdom has led you here for a reason!  now let’s see if I can help you with something…..


I have always had people randomly come up to me while I’m shopping and start asking my opinions about items they are looking at.  (my daughter has been freaked out by this and and embarrassed that I would talk to strangers!!!  hahaha  The funny thing is that she now does it too!!!)  After this started happening to me I started giving unsolicited opinions on clothing choices in dressing rooms… (whoops! settle down girl!)  I know…. I should at least wait until I’m asked but…… it just seems to be stronger than me sometimes….  Oh well, I guess this is “me” now and all I can do is to keep looking for that elusive ‘filter’ to put over my mouth!  <giggle>

I have a lot to say but do you have a question that needs answering???  Let’s talk!

About Lorie Turpin

I have been an artist my whole life but have only gone professional in the last few years and I paint in the Classical Realism style after the Old masters.
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