Wow just 4 days away until a brand new year begins. I for one found 2018 and 2019 to be very challenging years for our family so I am hoping and wishing that the new year, new decade bring all new things and beginnings. Onward and upward!!!!!


We are already 6 months into the year! Wow, time sure is flying by (even though this winter felt like it would never end!). I am exactly half way through the mural now and it’s going very well. I have some artist helpers which makes it more fun!

June 19th I am curating a show at our local gallery, Arbor Gallery Cultural Center, titled “Connected”. My vision is to showcase all of nature that we need to protect and honour because nature can live quite well without us but we cannot survive without them. For this show I have painted a seal pup, chimp, pig, panther and the garden friends (bees, butterflies, ladybugs….) We will be 25 artists showcasing about 50 pieces of artwork so please come and check it out!

A New Year has begun….. the old one is done…… let’s ring in the new….. and start with a few….. good wishes for everyone!

About Lorie Turpin

I have been an artist my whole life but have only gone professional in the last few years and I paint in the Classical Realism style after the Old masters.
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