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Le Baluchon
Le Baluchon
The windmill at Spa Le Baluchon in the mountains of Quebec. What caught my eye was the shadows along the fence which led the eye to the stairway up to the windmill. Very flowing. 16 inches by 20 inches unframed $325.00 + tax and shipping
Mare and Foal aft G. STubbs.jpg
Mare and Foal aft G. STubbs.jpg
16 inches by 20 inches; oil on canvas $325 + tax and shipping - unframed
Peaceful Afternoon  SOLD
Peaceful Afternoon SOLD
This is oil painting on a 16 inches by 20 inches canvas and it started out as a horse in a paddock but then just evolved into sheep grazing beside a stream! That was a fun journey but sure gave my teacher some headaches!
Momma's Watching
Momma's Watching
This little guy has such attitude and he looked so cuddly but it was momma in the background that made my fingers itch to paint the scene. 18 inches by 24 inches; oil on canvas $500.00 + tax and shipping
Golden's Menagerie   SOLD
Golden's Menagerie SOLD
A friend asked me to paint a collage of all the animals her and her husband have loved....quite the challenge but I think they all look pretty good!
Into the Sunshine  -  SOLD
Into the Sunshine - SOLD
This was a commissioned painting for a gentleman who was being honoured at the local Curling Club. He is a horse breeder with an incredibly beautiful barn so it was an honour to have been chosen to do this piece for him. I went to the reception and he absolutely loved it and I loved the big hugs I received!