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Polar Bear
Polar Bear
Isn't he just so cuddly! His eyes... the cold of the Arctic....I had to capture him.... 10 inches by 13 inches; oil on canvas Not For Sale
Rabbit  -  SOLD
Rabbit - SOLD
This one is done after a Master... I thought the rabbit would give me the most trouble but he was the easy part! The flowers and greenery...well...they took hours and hours and hours! 10 inches x 20 inches oil on canvas Not For Sale
Cheeky Fellow
Cheeky Fellow
This little guy stared at us through the window as if to say, "hey, there are no more peanuts out here!" 11 inches by 14 inches oil on canvas $200.00 + tax and shipping
Watchful Repose aft Bateman
Watchful Repose aft Bateman
This is done in oil on a 10 inches by 14 inches; canvas. $200 + tax and shipping
Ajax - Private Collection
Ajax - Private Collection
This was our first Doberman and what a dog he was. Unforgettable. 10 inches x 13 inches; oil on canvas Not For Sale
A Girl and Her Horse
A Girl and Her Horse
This is from a photo of a friend on FB....and this was her daughter and her horse. I loved the photo so I painted it! I did it on a 16 inch by 20 inch canvas. $350 + tax and shipping Update! I just won an "Honourable Mention" in an online International Art Competition with this painting! Yahoo!!!
The Shepard's Chief Mourner,  a study done aft Sir Edwin Landseer
The Shepard's Chief Mourner, a study done aft Sir Edwin Landseer
This painting caught my eye because of the sadness of the dog.... It's such a sad story about the Master's passing and there is so much symbolism involved. 16 inches by 20 inches Oil on Canvas $375 + tax and shipping
Joey   SOLD
This is another dog I immortalized for my lil adopted sister. She lost Joey last year due to health issues. Such a handsome dude. Sold
Watson -   SOLD!
Watson - SOLD!
This is Watson! He's a cute Cocker Spaniel that I was asked to paint as a surprise present for my friend's husband. When he actually received it he thought it was a photograph! Wow! He is thrilled with the painting so I did my job. Yay.
Golden's Menagerie   SOLD
Golden's Menagerie SOLD
A friend asked me to paint a collage of all the animals her and her husband have loved....quite the challenge but I think they all look pretty good!
Junior  -  SOLD
Junior - SOLD
This is my friend's 4th dog that has since gone on to play with his sibling in heaven.....
Sonja and Autumn  -  SOLD
Sonja and Autumn - SOLD
A beautiful lady asked me to paint her daughter and her horse and she cried when she saw it. My job is done! lol
I Dream of Riding -  SOLD
I Dream of Riding - SOLD
6 inch by 8 inch Acrylic on Canvas Board. This was a study I did in an Abstract class and when I took the photo that is when I noticed the horses head!!
Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy
I woke up with Miss Piggy in my subconscious so I had to paint her which then led to a whole show at our local gallery called "Connected". We are all connected and although nature can survive quite nicely without us we cannot survive without nature.
P.S. painting that I tweaked
P.S. painting that I tweaked
A fellow artist who is quite into abstract had trouble replicating a friend's dog and he asked me to tweak his painting. The pooch is in the center of the canvas!