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Snowy Owl - SOLD
Snowy Owl - SOLD
My son requested a painting for his new apartment and although he wanted a painting 5 feet long (hahahah) I did a 24 inch by 30 inch which has been the biggest canvas I have worked on to date. I used the palette knife for the background then I painted the owl. The Snowy Owl has special meaning for the family as one appeared when my brother-in-law passed which symbolizes Taking up to God in native folklore. Not For Sale
BC Barn Owl  SOLD
BC Barn Owl SOLD
This was a commissioned painting that a friend asked me to do. I did it in oil on an 8 x 10 inch canvas. The mountains represented the person's birthplace and the owl represented her passed husband's love....
Owl II   -   SOLD
I painted another Snowy Owl on a smaller canvas just for more practice! It is done in oil, with a knife, on a 9 inch by 12 inch canvas.
Swans  -  SOLD
Swans - SOLD
Swans are such majestic birds and so graceful and just plain beautiful. I actually made a pottery Swan soap dish back in 1976! I think I have always loved them.