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Ajax - Private Collection
Ajax - Private Collection
This was our first Doberman and what a dog he was. Unforgettable. 10 inches x 13 inches; oil on canvas Not For Sale
Bumper Finished   -  SOLD
Bumper Finished - SOLD
This is a very special painting of my "adopted sister's" dog who passed very suddenly.... she wanted a painting and felt that they eyes talked to her.... I am now painting her other dogs who have gone to doggy heaven as a memento.... love you Kelly...
Watson -   SOLD!
Watson - SOLD!
This is Watson! He's a cute Cocker Spaniel that I was asked to paint as a surprise present for my friend's husband. When he actually received it he thought it was a photograph! Wow! He is thrilled with the painting so I did my job. Yay.
This portrait was commissioned for a very good friend of ours and actually "Pooch" is our dog's boyfriend!!! 8-inch x 10 inch - Oil on Canvas