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Painting of Andrea - Private Collection
Painting of Andrea - Private Collection
My daughter....what more can I say....she is so beautiful and this dress and her hair... well... I had to paint the blue.... 9-1/2 inches by 13 inches oil on canvas Not For Sale
A Girl and Her Horse
A Girl and Her Horse
This is from a photo of a friend on FB....and this was her daughter and her horse. I loved the photo so I painted it! I did it on a 16 inch by 20 inch canvas. $350 + tax and shipping Update! I just won an "Honourable Mention" in an online International Art Competition with this painting! Yahoo!!!
My Protector
My Protector
I took this photo 20 years ago..... my son was always his sister's protector ...... I finally painted it! It's on a 14 inch by 18 inch canvas done in oil. Not For Sale
Girl with a Pearl Earring   SOLD!!!!!
Girl with a Pearl Earring SOLD!!!!!
This is a study I did after Johannes Vermeer. I had seen the movie and it always stuck with me so I finally painted her. Oil on Canvas 12 inches by 16 inches $350.00 + tax and shipping
Sonja and Autumn  -  SOLD
Sonja and Autumn - SOLD
A beautiful lady asked me to paint her daughter and her horse and she cried when she saw it. My job is done! lol
The Gymnast  -  SOLD
The Gymnast - SOLD
A friend posted a picture of her daughter on FB and I just loved the pose, the composition, the expression on her face and so I painted it! When it was done I posted it on Facebook and the mother bought it immediately!!! Well, that worked!