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A Girl and Her Horse
A Girl and Her Horse
This is from a photo of a friend on FB....and this was her daughter and her horse. I loved the photo so I painted it! I did it on a 16 inch by 20 inch canvas. $350 + tax and shipping Update! I just won an "Honourable Mention" in an online International Art Competition with this painting! Yahoo!!!
The Original Iron Horse - SOLD
The Original Iron Horse - SOLD
I painted this horse for my son for Christmas. oil on canvas. Not For Sale
Into the Sunshine  -  SOLD
Into the Sunshine - SOLD
This was a commissioned painting for a gentleman who was being honoured at the local Curling Club. He is a horse breeder with an incredibly beautiful barn so it was an honour to have been chosen to do this piece for him. I went to the reception and he absolutely loved it and I loved the big hugs I received!
Sonja and Autumn  -  SOLD
Sonja and Autumn - SOLD
A beautiful lady asked me to paint her daughter and her horse and she cried when she saw it. My job is done! lol
I Dream of Riding -  SOLD
I Dream of Riding - SOLD
6 inch by 8 inch Acrylic on Canvas Board. This was a study I did in an Abstract class and when I took the photo that is when I noticed the horses head!!