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This one was painted because I took a photo of one of my Day Lilies and I could not get the colour orange out of my head and I just had to paint orange!!! So here is my Lily. 18inches by 24 inches; oil on canvas
Clementines Still Life  -  SOLD
Clementines Still Life - SOLD
This was set up in a very short time and just evolved into a striking still life! Totally original! Oil on Canvas 8 inches by 10 inches $150.00 + tax and shipping
Fruit Still Life
Fruit Still Life
This is an original Oil on Canvas of some fruit we had in our fridge! I like the colours! It is done in oil on an 8 inch x 10 inch canvas and is framed. Price: $150
Field of Orange -  SOLD
Field of Orange - SOLD
A 5 inch by 7 inch Oil on Canvas Board