Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic all my Drink N Doodle Events have been cancelled – social distancing and all……  I am missing being with everyone so I have begun making You Tube videos for sale.  You can etransfer me $15 and I will then send you the link.   If you have your own supplies you’re in business!  Otherwise you can order online from a local art shop or if you’re brave enough you can go to your local Walmart or Dollar Store.  The acrylic colours you need are white, black, red, yellow and blue.  If you wish you can also get green and brown but with the primary colours you can mix your own!  Happy Painting everyone!

Video #1:      Spring Crocus    –   Free 


Video #2:     Spring Tulips       Free


Video #3:     Hydrangeas     For sale:  $15   



There have been several events since and you can see all the photos at my other site     www.drinkndoodle.ca

Deja Vu was a blast as always and let me tell you…. these novice painters did a wonderful job!!!  Good for you guys and gals!!!!

I will be back at the Deja Vu Resto/Bar on Wednesday March 28th.  Come and join me for a guided painting evening that is loads of fun!  $30 gets you all the materials needed and I do need you to RSVP so I have  the correct # of canvases for the event.  Email me or call me and I will see you there!

Next one is at the Windsor Tavern on March 5th!  Come out and chase those winter blues away!!!

All set up at Deja Vu in Hawkesbury for a sold out event!!!  36 people are registered for a fundraiser for the Prescott Russell Victim’s Services!!  Because of the number of people I get to be on the stage!  (just hope I don’t fall off!  lol)  The lighting is supposed to be spectacular back there so it will be perfect!  I have also painted a nice winter scene that I think everyone will love.  Now to get psyched up for it!  

Superb renditions of my logo!!!!

Next Drink N Doodle is at the Windsor Tavern on October the 16th, 2017.

Already June and half of the year has gone by already….. I swear that time is really going by faster!  Do you remember when we used to count seconds and minutes like – one one thousand, 2 one thousand, 3 one thousand……  Now we have to count that faster!!!  Try it!  Anyway….. I have been continuing with Deja Vu and The Windsor (one next week on the 12th!) but Maggie’s has come to a stop.  The daughter left and another left on maternity leave so they are short staffed and cannot accommodate a paint night…. sigh….. they were always a super crowd!  I was asked to teach a 6 week course at the community center for moms and daughters and I guided them through Old Master’s paintings!!!  and they did fantastic jobs!!!  I’m also doing private parties and whatever else I can do!  Paint on peeps!!!!

Sorry….I have neglected you all….but in my defense I have been a very busy lady!!  I now average once a month at The Windsor Tavern, Deja Vu in Hawkesbury and Maggie’s Chicken and Ribs in Alexandria!  Also, I have booked several other parties in different venues and even one gig at an elementary school!  Trying to keep up with all the paintings plus my work plus my commissioned art….phew!  one tired lady here!  I will return to my DND’s in the New Year so now I will be enjoying a little break for a very short time!  I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and may 2017 be a spectacular year for all!!!

15554738_10157987607175613_2051852039_n 15554778_10157987603420613_2067656178_n 15554955_10157987602210613_631466139_n 15571217_10157987603330613_1021573043_n deja-vu-november-2016-1 deja-vu-november-2016-2 deja-vu-november-2016-3 deja-vu-november-2016-the-rebel maggies-4 maggies-nov-2016-1 maggies-oct-2016-2 maggies-october-2016 maggies-sept-26-2016-1 maggies-sept-26-2016-3 simple-simons-1 soccer-2016 windsor-nov-2016-2 windsor-sept-2016-jpg-2

Tonight is the night at the Windsor!!  Should be a good crowd and a lot of fun!  Yahoo!!!

September is going to be busy!  The 12th I am at The Windsor Tavern in VKH…………….the 14th I am at Deja Vu in Hawkesbury……..and then the 26th I am going back to Maggie’s Chicken and Ribs in Alexandria.  Busy busy busy!!!!  I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!

Maggie’s was a blast!  All told there were 36 ladies there and they all did absolutely fantastic jobs!  I must be an awesome teacher!!!  LOL 

aug 22 2016 Maggie's 1 Aug 22 2016 Maggie's 2

SOLD OUT event!!!!  at Maggie’s Restaurant in Alexandria!  Wow….we will be over 35 people!!!!  Should be a blast!!!!

Great time at the Deja Vu with 8 super ladies!  and this was the first class that I did completely in french!!  Yay me!!!  They did a super awesome job and they were just amazing!  Love this job!!!!

Aug 17 2016 1 aug 17 2016 2 aug 17 2016 3 aug 17 2016 4

I am all ready at the Deja Vu in Hawkesbury….Should be a lot of fun and wait till you see the painting!  Wow!!!  (even if I do say so myself!  lol)  Hope you are joining me!!!!

Wow…. I really love my new job….but it is so much fun that it doesn’t feel like work at all!  (except when I have to wash everything afterwards!  lol)   Twenty One women showed up and all painted a strawberry with me (except 2 who painted tomatoes!!  )  and did they ever do fantastic jobs!  There is a lot of talent in this area for sure!  I can’t wait to do it again!

the Strawberry!

the Strawberry!

I’m all set up at the Windsor in VKH and raring to go!  The heavens decided to open up on us and that hindered our unloading of the car but we managed anyway!  Can’t wait to see everyone tonight!

Here is the group from the Drink N Doodle held at Deja Vu in Hawkesbury the end of June.  The one lady send me a photo and asked me to dumb it down for her to paint so that was my inspiration!  I think they did a fabulous job!!!

beautiful Kellie June 29 2016 Lana Jay Veronica Sunset

Another Drink N Doodle was held this Saturday at a private home and the occasion was a birthday party!  The ladies all had fun and produced some beautiful paintings!  Thank you Laura for inviting me!

The Barton Party 2016

Here’s another pic for you!  This couple were so thrilled to be painting the Higginson Tower because…. they got married there!  I didn’t know that!!!

So so sorry….I haven’t been keeping my site up to date!  I have been so busy with the Drink N Doodle….painting the picture….practicing….getting all materials organized…..and right in the middle of it all my hubby decided that my studio was too small so he switched my room to across the hall!  This involved moving the dining room table and buffet full of china and crystal!  UGH!!!!!!!  I’m finally set up and all is good now.  Phew!

Anyway…. I have since held 3 events at the Windsor Tavern in Vankleek Hill and another one at the Deja Vu in Hawkesbury!  All great successes and many happy clients!  

All set up and raring to go!

All set up and raring to go!

DND Deja Vu May 25.16 Windsor 1

The Higginson Tower of Vankleek Hill, Ontario. Built in 1893

The Higginson Tower of Vankleek Hill, Ontario.
Built in 1893

Tonight is the night!!!  We’re all set  up at the Windsor and I have 27 ladies showing up!  Wow!!!  Should prove to be exciting!  Pics to come after the event!

I just spoke to the Windsor Tavern in Vankleek Hill and they want me to do an event there!  They managed to have 14 people sign up the first day they posted it!  Wow!!!!  This is going to be another fun evening!

I managed to be allowed to hold an event at Deja Vu and on April 13, 2016, 20 ladies showed up and we had a blast!  I also had my youngest student there!  She was 10!!!  What a great place….nice little alcove all for us and the bar and kitchen were most accomodating!

Deja Vu April 2016 event!

Deja Vu will become a regular venue!

What a fabulous evening!  16 beautiful people showed up and I had such fun teaching them!  There was laughter and joy and smiles all around.  The venue was perfect and I had a kitchen to set up the snacks and drinks and the lighting was perfect!  I was so stoked afterwards that I could NOT sleep all night!  lol   Now I am doing one at the Arbor Gallery on Monday the 22nd of February.  Spaces are limited to please RSVP.  Also, I am offering the option of BYOB and snack and I will only charge $35!  Bargain!  Hope you can join me!

look at those grins!

look at those grins!

I have been researching venues and I found one today…. I will be hosting another Drink N Doodle the evening of the 27th of January at the Masonic Lodge in Vankleek Hill.  It’s above the Champlain Library at 94 Main St.  I am excited to be there as this is not only an historical site but I love the Masons!  Hey..who hasn’t read Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Codes”??  love it!  If you Like my “Drink N Doodle” page on FaceBook you will be able to vote on the painting to be painted!  Hope to see you there!

Who would be interested in another evening of guided painting before Christmas?  If I get enough interest I will plan another one!

Let me know!  

Last night’s Drink N Doodle almost wasn’t!  (I think the full moon has something to do with it!) I had 8 people cancel!  Yikes!  But a friend came through and found me a small classroom where the remaining 6 could go and our class happened!  Thank you Lana!

I painted a Master’s famous painting….. “Starry Night” by Van Gogh but with a twist!  They all had fun and want to do it again so, yay!  I love doing this and I am always amazed at all their creations!  Just a little different…each one!  Good job gals!

Well, the evening went very well considering that I made them paint an evil, daunting and panic inducing fence!  lol  They all did an amazing job and I was very proud of all of them!  Thank you Barbara for the wonderful snack table and the great lighting of your hall!  

I am going to be doing another very soon because several people could not attend this last event. one!  It’s in the planning stages right now and I will keep you posted!

Night #2

I have another “Drink N Doodle” planned for the 10th of November!  This time it will be held at Enrico’s Catering on Hwy 17 in L’Orignal.  (at the corner of Cassburn)….  This venue is very well lit and should be a great hall for our talents to shine!  Come on out and join me and I haven’t decided what to paint yet so it will be a surprise for everyone!  – me included!!!  <giggle>

My event was a huge success!  I loved loved loved doing it and if the smiles were any indication then my 14 willing participants had a fun time creating their very own masterpieces!  Some had never painted before and they were totally amazed at what they accomplished.  I will definitely be holding more of these and I am also available for private parties!  Showers, Birthdays or even just “let’s get together for no reason” parties!  Fun fun fun!

Willing Participants!

My first guinea pigs!!! lol painted “Blood Moon”.

This is a fun evening of painting and drinking!  What fun!

For $45 you will receive your first glass of wine…. a snack at

break and all the materials and instruction required to paint your

very own masterpiece!  The media is acrylic so that it will dry 

quickly and therefore will be more transportable for you.

My very first even is Wednesday, October 7th, 2015 and will be

held at La Cite Golf Club on Hwy 17 in Hawkesbury, Ontario.

The evening begins promptly at 7 pm but come early in order to

get your drink and your spot!  

This is a fun way to experience painting….and trust me there is

absolutely no experience required!  

Come one …. come all!

You can contact me via email  –  lorie.turpin@gmail.com

or by phone  –  1-613-678-0009

or pay me direct via –  etransfer to lorie.turpin@gmail.com