Do you really really love one of my paintings!!!  ….. but….. can’t afford the price tag????  Well, I can make a print of the painting for the low cost of $35 + shipping.  What do you think of that!!!  Contact me and “Let’s Make a Deal”!!!!!!!!!

The mural is taking up most of my time and I am presently working on panel #6 of 15 so it is progressing!  Also, my “chair” is done and I think it’s pretty cool!  It’s a rocking horse!  True fantasy style.

I have opted to curate a show in June at the Arbor Gallery.  I titled it “Connected” because I am deeply concerned about our planet, Mother Nature and our existence….  Mother can live without us (and would probably be happier to not have us abuse her) but we cannot live without her…. think dandelions;  they are not ugly nuisances of lawn owners but the first food of the bees!  (which we desperately need to protect)  and they are completely edible from flower to root!  All weeds, flowers, insects, birds, animals, trees are essential!…. just think about where we would be without them………… gone…………

2019 is now in full swing and we sure have been busy at the gallery!  We cleaned out the kitchen, repaired walls and painted and now we have a room we can be proud of.  The next one to tackle is the sun room which will be turned into a place to have a coffee, browse through a magazine and maybe play a board game with someone!  Can’t wait!!!                      In between these chores I have been diligently working on the town mural and painting every day!  I am also trying to get my “chair” ready for the May show in VKH and well…. no time to just paint for me!!!   soon I hope!!!

Another show is on presently at the Arbor Gallery…. “Small Works”.  All pieces are priced $100 and under just in time for Christmas shopping!  Our Vernissage was held on Saturday November 24th and 2 of my pieces sold!  Youpee!!!  Come check out all the wonderful art and the gift shop is full of perfect stocking stuffers and decorations!

New show is on at the Arbor Gallery!  “Spring to Life”!  About a dozen artists brought in 2 pieces each to brighten up our little gallery!  The Vernissage (meet and greet the artists) is on

April 8th from 1 – 3 in the afternoon.  Light refreshments will be served!  Come see the wonderful artwork!

Update!!!!!  3 of my paintings sold at this show!!!!

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Rocking Horse
study in abstract 2.jpg
City Scape - SOLD
Together Again
Ducks on Their Way Home  -  SOLD
Painting of Andrea - Private Collection
Polar Bear
Rabbit  -  SOLD
Returning from the Harvest
Birches on The Beach aft Kiersted  -  SOLD
Forest  -  SOLD
Bell Rock Mill aft Keirstead
Cheeky Fellow
Le Baluchon
Mare and Foal aft G. STubbs.jpg
Peaceful Afternoon  SOLD
Watchful Repose aft Bateman
Under The Sea
Lily Pond
Ajax - Private Collection
Momma's Watching
Snowy Owl - SOLD
BC Barn Owl  SOLD
A Girl and Her Horse
My Protector
The Original Iron Horse - SOLD
Koi in Lily Pond
Fireworks - SOLD
The Shepard's Chief Mourner,  a study done aft Sir Edwin Landseer
2 water lilies aft C. Monet  -  SOLD
Spring Flowers aft C. Monet - SOLD
Calla Lily
Lazy Days - SOLD
An Apple for the Teacher - SOLD
Clementines Still Life  -  SOLD
End of Spring
Bumper Finished (2).JPG  -  SOLD
Watson painting.jpg   SOLD!
Tulips 1   -    SOLD
Tulips 2   -    SOLD
Girl with a Pearl Earring   SOLD!!!!!
Spring Blooms
Daffodils Still Life
Joey   SOLD
Fruit Still Life.jpg
blue vase.jpg
Our Stella.jpg
Carmine Meadow by Leila.jpg
Diesel  -  SOLD
Owl II   -   SOLD
Birch Trees
Golden's Menagerie   SOLD
Into the Sunshine  -  SOLD
Eggs and Legs
Magnolia on Red Velvet - SOLD
Wine and Song
Junior  -  SOLD
Sonja and Autumn  -  SOLD
The Gymnast  -  SOLD
Swans  -  SOLD
Arbor Fireplace
Higginson Tower VKH - SOLD
Lily 2
Field of Orange -  SOLD
I Dream of Riding -  SOLD
Monet-ish - SOLD
Bargue Drawing Mr. Agrippa
Urn 1
Urn 2
Hidden Gems
Nos Amis
Miss Piggy
P.S. painting that I tweaked
Rocking Horse
study in abstract 2.jpg
City Scape - SOLD
Together Again
Ducks on Their Way Home  -  SOLD
Painting of Andrea - Private Collection
Polar Bear
Rabbit  -  SOLD

These are the paintings that I have been working on since 2009…..

I studied with a teacher who teaches in the Classical Style of Realism

after the Old Masters and it has been such a learning experience.  She has guided

me and helped me evolve and I look forward to the hours I can devote to

my craft.

I usually strive to be a realist but I am hoping to loosen up a bit and become

more of an “artist”.

I hope  I can evolve into someone that I am truly happy with!


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