VKH Quilt Mural Restoration

I have been asked to reproduce (aka re-paint) the old fading mural in our little town. It has deteriorated to the point that we cannot see some of the images and the wood itself is rotten…. so….. new wood (15 – 4′ x 8′ panels) and away we go!

I thought I had a lot of volunteers but only a few faithful ones have showed up to help and I appreciate all of it! They copy and trace the images (what they can see) to the new primed panels and I paint. It is slow going (because I am a perfectionist) but it will bring new life to the mural and to the town’s image.

Hopefully the mural will be done this year (2019) but if not then in 2020 for sure and I hope that you stop for a second and gaze at the new and colorful mural at the lights.

Allen Farm horses pulling the plow.

Bridget MacDonald, my faithful “copier and tracer” whom without I would have a much more difficult time of painting! Thank you!

Sheila Cleland from Jan Holland Chartered Accountants being my super critic! I love it!